Franchise Opportunity

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Chapayom Bubble Tea in Canada

Welcome to the world of Chapayom

The beloved and internationally renowned Thai bubble tea brand! We are excited to extend a golden opportunity for you to become a part of our successful franchise family. With over 1500 thriving locations in Thailand and a strong presence in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Australia, Chapayom is now set to conquer the North American market, starting with our flagship shop in downtown Toronto.

Why Choose Chapayom?

  1. Access to Premium Ingredients
    As a Chapayom franchisee, you gain access to our premium ingredients, including tea leaves sourced directly from our head franchisor – the producer of these high-quality leaves. This ensures that your customers enjoy the same authentic and exceptional Thai bubble tea experience that has captivated taste buds across the globe.
  2. Proven Business Model
    Our inaugural downtown Toronto shop has already demonstrated the effectiveness of our business model. This store’s success in resonating with local tastes and preferences is a testament to the potential of Chapayom in your area.
  3. Global Recognition
    With successful outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Australia, Chapayom boasts international acclaim. Particularly in Australia, where the demographics mirror Canada’s, our brand has flourished, building a loyal customer base. By becoming a Chapayom franchisee, you’re not just joining a local venture but a global phenomenon.
  4. Training and Expertise
    As part of the Chapayom family, you gain exclusive access to our signature recipes and beverage formulations. Comprehensive training programs ensure that you and your staff are well-equipped to consistently deliver the Chapayom experience to your customers.
  5. Brand Power
    Benefit from the growing recognition of the Chapayom brand, both globally and within your local community. Our marketing initiatives are geared towards increasing the visibility of Chapayom, attracting foot traffic to your store and ensuring a strong launch.
  6. Operational Support
    From setting up to day-to-day operations, our experienced team is dedicated to offering you continuous support. Focus on delivering exceptional bubble tea experiences while we handle your queries and concerns.
  7. Territorial Consideration
    While regional exclusivity is not guaranteed, it’s negotiable. We understand the importance of location and will work closely with you to assess the best approach for your designated territory.
  8. Prime Location Scouting
    We’re invested in your success. Our team will guide you in scouting and evaluating the best locations for your Chapayom franchise, ensuring high foot traffic and visibility.

Financial Insights and Market Strategies

During the first three months of our flagship shop’s operations in downtown Toronto, we witnessed a steady progression:

Soft Opening Phase (Month 1)

  • Initial focus on brand awareness and fine-tuning operations. Modest sales with valuable insights for enhancements.

Grand Opening Phase (Month 2)

  • A high-impact grand opening event attracted significant foot traffic. Noteworthy sales generated through the “Free Thai Milk Tea” promotion for early customers and “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” offer throughout the day.

Month 3

  • Steady growth in repeat customers and referrals, supported by social media campaigns, local partnerships, and community engagement activities.

Join Our Chapayom Family

By choosing Chapayom, you’re embracing a franchise opportunity that combines authentic Thai bubble tea excellence with global recognition. For more information and to explore the potential of being a Chapayom franchisee, please contact our franchise department.

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