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Discover the Taste of Thailand at Chapayom Canada

Chapayom isn’t just a tea brand; it’s a story, a story of passion, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of bringing the vibrant flavors of Thailand to the heart of Canada. It all started in the bustling markets of Thailand, where the aroma of freshly brewed Thai tea was a daily delight.

Inspired by this rich tradition, we embarked on a journey across oceans and continents to recreate that authentic taste right here in the bustling city of Toronto. What sets Chapayom apart is our unwavering commitment to authenticity. We meticulously select the finest tea leaves and ingredients, ensuring that every cup carries the true essence of Thai tea culture.

With over a decade of experience, Chapayom has become a household name in Asia. Chapayom’s first shop in Toronto has gained remarkable popularity, celebrated for our unique flavors, renowned recipes, and the smiles that accompany every sip. Now, as the proud franchise holder for all of Canada, Chapayom Canada is poised to redefine the tea experience and introduce it to diverse communities from coast to coast.

Our mission is simple:
To offer you an authentic taste of Thai tea culture, to create memorable moments, one sip at a time, and to welcome you to our ever-growing Chapayom family.

Our Tea

A Journey of Tradition, Innovation, and Thai Heritage

Welcome to Chapayom Canada, where tea is a journey of tradition, innovation, and Thai heritage in every cup. Our selection of exceptional Thai teas embodies the authentic taste of Thailand, cherished for generations.

Chapayom’s “Finest Thai tea” is born from Thailand’s rich tea heritage, cultivated since the 1980s, boasting the largest tea plantation in Chiang Rai. These tea leaves, certified organic by the Thailand National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity, are hand-picked to ensure uncompromising quality, consistently recognized and awarded since the 2010s.

What sets Chapayom Canada apart is our unwavering commitment to innovation, blending traditional Thai tea with modern elements and the vibrant excitement of bubble tea culture, crafting each sip into a unique fusion of tradition and innovation.

Welcome to Chapayom Canada’s world of tea, where every cup tells a story of heritage, quality, and innovation, sourced from the heart of Thailand’s thriving tea culture.

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